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“I make art with my desserts,” “Doing desserts is the best way to express myself.”

About Us

The Finest Pastry in Santa Cruz

Crescenzo Pelliccia is a native of the southern Italy city of Naples, or “Napoli” as he calls it. He moved to California seven years ago, living and working in Santa Cruz until he landed the job as the executive pastry chef at Dio Deka, a Greek/Hellinic restaurant in Los Gatos. Emozioni represents a long-held dream, to translate the fine art of Italian desserts to a community hungry for it.

Emozioni will be open daily from 10 a.m. to mid-afternoon before Lago di Como opens for dinner.

the patisserie will offer a variety of almost-too-beautiful-to-eat treats, from tarts, pastries, pies, and other goodies from baklava to tiramisu


Emozioni also specializes in custom cakes,
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What Our Customer Say

Nini G.
Nini G.
May 28, 2021.
Authentic, natural, less sugary & perfectly made italian desserts!! owners (& chef) just amazing:) all the desserts are rich without typical feeling sugary heavy full rich. Just Amazing!! Hope they grow! we went for random lunch spot & we bumped into them & their sweets..which was our lunch!
Dexter D.
Dexter D.
March 6, 2021.
My apologies to Chef that we didn't write down the names of the delectable desserts that we picked up after lunch on Thursday. The artistry was beautiful and the flavors were a sensory delight. Nothing was overwhelmingly sweet. The chocolates were, for lack of the right words, chocolaty. The Chocolate Profiteroles were dangerous, so compact, I could eat them all day. The Orange, Ricotta and Barley Pie had us guessing what all the flavors were until we found it on the menu and we know there are still hidden ingredients. I pity those who live nearby. You're going to get fat. LoL!
Karen B.
Karen B.
February 27, 2021.
Just had some of Emozioni's pastries my neighbor, Christy, brought over to my house.  Delicious!  Beautiful too.  Can't wait to try more of Chef Enzo Pelliccia's creations!   They are located at 21490 E Cliff Drive, in Santa Cruz.   831-334-6820.
Manda Bear B.
Manda Bear B.
February 1, 2021.
I got the honor to try chef Crescenzo Pelliccia many times, especially when he was a pastry chef at the iconic restaurant Dio Deka in Los Gatos. Recently, Chef is opening a dessert, pastry, patisserie shop in Santa Cruz corner of 15th street, a few steps to the beach. They offer online special order now, or you can order thru chef on IG @ chef_crescnz or the shop @ EmozioniPatisserie... for all the sweet tooth lovers out there like my dad and hubby, it's a dangerous shop to live near! Luckily we live 1.5 hours away 🙂 we tried anything chocolate is a must. I'm not a dessert and I love anything citrus chef made. Santa Cruz yelpers, you guys are in for a real treat! For visitors like me, come pick up your treats, head to the beach for picnic, hopefully when it's sun out, life can't get better than that simple life! For those your phone eats before you, dessert & ocean blue, isn't that perfect shot for ya! But we can't wait to visit again when the grand opening soon.

21490 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Friday - Sunday
9:00am - 3:00pm